The Winery

Bodegas Valoria continues today to represent the purest tradition of the classic Rioja with adequate facilities for new production processes.

The winery has a capacity of a million and a half liters in stainless steel tanks of different dimensions. It also has a park of one thousand three hundred American and French oak barrels.


The origins date back to 1860, when the Pérez Foncea family founded the original winery in Fuenmayor, one of the most prestigious towns in La Rioja Alta.


In order to improve the quality of the wines, the best technologies in the elaboration were key. In addition, the winery invested in and built an underground ageing room with a capacity for more than 1,000 oak barrels.

The three mainstays for growth at Valoria over time are: an attractive image, classic and elegant; manufacturing quality wines, from the best grapes in La Rioja Alta; and an interesting price-quality ratio.


Since 1951, after the distributor Francisco Quintana became a partner, the winery opened up markets in Austria, Germany, Benelux, Denmark, England, Switzerland, USA and Japan, among others countries, all the while gaining presence in La Rioja and the rest of the country.

Export make up 40% of sales.

At the end of 2010, the company became known as Bodegas Valoria, S.L. The winery has the advantage of the domestic and international distribution network of the Navarro López group, which exports 70% of its wines to more than 72 countries all over the world.


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